Monday, June 05, 2006

Stupid Turtles

This is mostly a Wifey thought burp. Last week at Tara's birthday party, the guitar was hauled out and passed around the campfire. When I had a turn at the strings, Terry requested the Song of the Donkame (although neither of us could remember the words...) So here you have it:

If you don't mind waiting an hour
For a bus or a taxi ride
If you can find simple pleasure
When the passage of time seems to have died
Then you can join our organization
We make dumplings
And don't care about careers
We're the Stupid Turtles
We're the Donkame
We ain't gonna bust our rears
We ain't gonna bust our rears

Give me life in the slow lane
I want a life in the slow lane
Give me life in the slow lane
I want a life in the slow lane

This was based on a Newsweek article about an actual intentional community in Japan that called themselves the Donkame (which translates as... you guessed it!); all people who had dropped out of the rat race to pursue their hobbies.

It sounds very appealing, no?

The other day I was at a meeting where a committee was discussing how to format a report; one person recommended using very little text "because, you know when you look at the comics page, if there's a comic with too much text you just don't read it, because who has time?" Indeed. There at the conference table I had a little flashback to a time in my life when I had plenty of time to be bored, plenty of time to read, and if I had had a comics page I would have read it many times - even the text-heavy parts. Especially the text-heavy parts. So when I got home I said to Terry, "we need to do another MCC term. Somewhere rural, where we can get bored." And he said, "ok."


At 3:48 PM, Blogger tara said...

the turtle moves
but not with cell phone reception
just got internet

At 3:48 PM, Blogger tara said...

eh hm
so one time at ferrum....


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