Saturday, September 23, 2006

In Which Terry Fixes the Sink

So the sink in our Ithaca apartment has been dripping since we moved in; being the adaptable TCKs that we are, we stuck a big plastic bowl underneath and developed a system for using the water thence collected to wash dishes, filter for drinking, etc. In fact, I think that on balance this system actually reduced our overall water consumption. Terry, however, being the handyman that he is, said "I should be able to fix that." So we called the landlady, who was delighted by the idea of not having to pay a plumber through the nose to have the drip fixed.

This is currently a Work In Progress, as we say in knitting, or WIP, which has involved several runs to the hardware store for appropriate tools, washers, etc., and a little "creative" language. I generally stay out of the way during these bursts of fix-it-iveness unless called upon to hold things, find things, or otherwise stand by at ready.

Stay tuned, folks! Optimism remains high...


At 5:22 AM, Blogger AK said...

OK, I now know what a WIP is... but what is a TCK?
technology challenged kitten
terminally cool kid
tecate cream kitkat
Tara Cooks Ketchup


At 8:29 AM, Blogger Elizabeth said...

TCK = Third Culture Kid (generalized from Missionary Kid in order also to include diplomat's kids, immigrant kids, etc. - anyone who has spent a "significant" portion of their growing up years in a culture other than that of at least one parent)


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